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heavenly body

747's and cold confessions mortalize my life
skies grow dark and cries are stark but I will survive
beautiful days, nowhere to play,
you know I hide my heart
when I'm down on my luck,
you're gonna pick me up as day moves into night
there is a journey I take, as I lie here awake
and the whole world's looking fine
and I love the mood you change in me
It's the last thing on my mind, when your
Heavenly body is coming on down to me, I feel your
Heavenly body giving this moment to me
I love your heavenly, heavenly body
when day moves into night
Old pain, new face, here in this place
you haunted me then
you're going to haunt me now
but I know somehow when day moves into night
you will hold me, you will hold me you will hold me.

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(P) &  1998, 1999, 2000 Sony/ATV Publishing