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Special thanks to:
Damian Trotter & Dave Orwell at Sony/ATV music publishing Australia,
Steve Bull for his belief, inspiration and ideas.
To our family and friends for their constant love and support.

Nicci H - vocals, guitar
Melanie Forbes - vocals, guitars
Steve Bull - bass guitar
Jo Guisseppe Acaria - drums
Barbara Griffin - keyboards
Denys Mason - percussion
Tania Bowra - piano

Violin - Wayne Goodwin
Cello - Adrian Wallis
String arrangement -
Melanie Forbes and Tania Bowra
Additional guitars -
Mark Punch, Wayne Connolly, Tania Bowra

Recorded and mixed at:
Paradise Studios and Charing Cross Studios Sydney
Produced by: Wayne Connolly and sistermadly
Mastered by Toby Learmont at Sony Music Entertainment
Photography - Vanessa Forbes
Website - deboraht

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